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COL Hang writes:
You simply cannot find a better living environment than Camrose place.

When I first learned that I was coming to the DC area, I looked at several apartment complexes and some rooms for rent. I was going to be a geo-bachelor, and the apartments were too expensive for what I needed; besides, the utilities weren’t included. The rooms were small and I got the impression that my “space” was just limited to my room.

This rental is just the opposite. You get the entire first floor (except the foyer and shared use of the washer and dryer) for just under half of what you would pay for an apartment. The monthly rent includes all utilities and it comes fully furnished. Dave, the landlord, provides the washer and dryer, a flat-screen TV with cable, internet access, a bed, a sofa, two dressers, book shelves (one built in), office desk and chair, small dining table and chairs, 2 desk lamps, vacuum, and a fully equipped kitchen with microwave. The only thing I added was a broom, toaster, blender, coffee maker, DVD player, and an iron and ironing board (and sheets and covers for the bed). There’s plenty of storage and closet space. In addition to all of this, mass transit is relatively close by (the bus stop is just a block away; the interstate is minutes away; and the metro is less than 10 minutes away).

Everything I listed above is great, but the greatest part of Camrose place is the neighbors. Ella and Isabelle, who live upstairs, are just great. They are conscientious, friendly, and downright wonderful. When I had surgery and was limited in my mobility, they made several meals for me (without being asked). They prayed for my quick recovery, and made my place feel like “home”. And sometimes, they would just make me an extra plate for dinner. Like I said before, they are downright wonderful people. I will miss them. If I ever have to come back this way, Camrose place is the first place that I will look at to rent.

Again, you simply cannot find a better living environment than this one.

Yee Hang COL, US Army

Senior AF officer's opinion:
Dave's place is simply perfect for a mature professional or geo-bachelor who is courteous, respects others and is looking for the same. The first thing that sold me to Dave's place was Dave and the Family's self image-- kind , considerate and respectful.

Second, I love the setup and privacy. You walk into a bottom floor of a two story home...not a house... a home. The entire bottom floor is for your use without interruption.

The bottom floor is a living quarters that is very well maintained, very very neat, and even more comfortable. The living room has large widows, nicely carpeted and a fireplace that I don't use. The living room has built in bookshelves, storage and spaciously furnished for one. Cable and Internet are in the living room and this comes included in the 100% paid utilities by Dave.

The open kitchen is a really nice. Appliances are excellent and look nearly new and so does the tile floor. The side by side refrigerator has a great ice maker; there is a nice flat top range/oven, and more than ample counter and cabinet space.

The bathroom is completely private and the shower and sink and medicine cabinet look new.

The bedroom is huge, fully carpeted, and furnished. There is a double door closet with professional designer type storage that provides top and bottom hanging clothes rails plus several shelves. Dave also provides a computer desk, bookshelves, dresser and end tables.

Through out the apartment you have storage everywhere to include a separate large store room.

The Third primary reason I selected this home. I travel extensively and write one check to Dave. No deposits, no worries about what bills are due... One check once a month to Dave. Real convenient and simple...

I'm a senior AF officer who is geo-bachelor'd from my wife. Again, this place is perfect for one who is respectful of others and desires the same. You can not find any kinder people, or a nicer place. One more thing I have no worries leaving my vehicle parked for weeks at any time when I travel.

Charles Beck

LTC Howell says:
Extremely quiet and peaceful neighborhood. Minutes from the major interstates and public transportation. Situated nicely in Springfield, shopping centers and restaurants are within 3 miles of home. Home is in secure environment. House members are warm, respectful and pleasant individuals. Simply put, they are great people. I will miss the tranquility of 5428 Camrose Place, Springfield VA. I have resided in both Chrystal City and Alexandria prior to moving here and living here was the first time in over two years I have had more than seven hours of uninterrupted sleep. 

Darrell Howell LTC MIL USA USARC

CWO Liere says:
Having suffered through the pains of dealing with shared spaces and inconsiderate roommates, I was fortunate enough to find "Dave’s Place" advertised on a local bulletin board just last year. "Dave’s Place" offered my own quarters - the entire finished basement/main level of a two-story home – in a quiet suburban neighborhood nestled in the heart of Springfield, Virginia. After a year of sharing a kitchen, bathroom and living space, I now had my own kitchen with full pantry, living room and bathroom, a huge bedroom that easily accommodated a king size bed, and complemented by a large closet and under-stair storage. A full size washer and dryer, located just off the kitchen, made household chores a breeze, and two private entrances allowed easy access to my own spaces. "Dave’s Place" was well heated in the winter and cool in the summers, providing comfortable living conditions year round, and all utilities, including garbage, basic cable and internet were included within the rent. And, while other residents do live upstairs, they are quiet, courteous, and respectful, and always willing to lend a hand or share a cup of tea when asked.

Located just 11 miles from my work in the heart of D.C., the morning commute took no longer than 15 minutes in normal traffic. If driving was not an option or desired, "Dave’s Place" is located just two blocks from the Metro Express bus route, and less than a 5-minute walk from the direct Metro bus line. Within two miles of the front door, Springfield Mall, Trader Joes, and the Franconia Metro station provide all the conveniences and necessities for everyday life. Lake Accotink can be found just down the road, a tranquil reservoir ideally situated next to a summer fun park for kids and criss-crossed with miles of tree-lined jogging and bike trails for the outdoor enthusiast. Fishing, bald eagle spotting and canoe excursions are just a few of the many other activities that can be enjoyed as well.

My time spent at "Dave’s Place" was cut short by a work related transfer, a move highly desired, but also bittersweet as it required me to vacate well before I had intended. In twenty years of moving about the country, "Dave’s Place" ranks at the top of the list, an ideal residence for a geographic bachelor, dedicated student or young professional.

Places as convenient, economical and pleasant as Dave’s come few and far between. The next tenant should consider him/herself fortunate to have found such an idyllic place to reside. I am truly sad to have to give it up.

CWO Matthew Liere
U.S. Coast Guard
Aviation Program Manager

Another tenant writes:

Great location that is situated within close proximity to Washington, Maryland and various other Virginia military locations.  Commuting to DC is a breeze!  Shopping is literally within walking distance of this ideally located basement apartment tucked away in a quiet residential neighborhood.  VRE metro is 1.5 miles away.  Springfield metro is about 15 minutes away depending on traffic but the commute to DC only take 23 minutes during non-rush hour. Parks, recreation areas and bicycling trails are easily within peddling distance.

Appliances are in good condition, wall-to-wall carpet, plenty of storage and this large basement apartment provides plenty of space for 1 person.  It is physically is excellent condition and the landlord takes care of the property and is committed to ensuring your stay is first rate.

Street parking always available.  Fellow renters are kind, considerate and sociable.  I would highly recommend this place to anyone wanting to live within easy commuting distance of DC, and not desiring to deal with those multi apartment/condo locations.

D. Simpson